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23s gold coin cfmini upper body image
Many Jimei care about the length of the crossbody, as shown in the upper body picture! But it is completely acceptable, even more suitable for sisters who like short chains
1. The size is suitable, just enough to hold promax and other daily necessities. This model also has a medium size, which is similar in size to the CF small size. Personally, I think it’s a bit too large, but the small size is just right.
Although it is sheepskin, it is really much more durable than ordinary sheepskin. Ordinary sheepskin is too delicate, and it feels like it can be worn out by rubbing it a few times. This oil waxed sheepskin (a bit like 19baq) is not as delicate, and the plaid pattern is larger than the classic style, making it more three-dimensional and full overall.
3 can be carried across the body, on one shoulder, or by hand, with a style that can be sweet or salty.
4 chains and coins are the finishing touch, especially this chain. I love it too much. When I want to handle it, it’s the handle, and when I don’t want to handle it, it becomes a decoration in seconds. But some sisters think that the chain and gold coins are ugly, which only depends on personal preference
Model number AS4000
Sizes 15-23.5-8

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811 in stock